Alcoholic Haze Hazy IPA
Product packaging and marketing
Alcoholic Haze is a Hazy IPA that was inspired by an old Adam Sandler movie in which he voices the goat in. In this movie the goat says his owner is always in an "alcoholic haze"; sparking the name Alcoholic haze. This of course sparked the idea for the goat and as he was originally designed popping out of the keg, Badger Hill asked that we re-frame and make him part of the logo. So just that I did. Alcoholic Haze was brewed by Badger Hill Brewing in Shakopee MN.

Notes from Badger Hill's Head brewer Chris Hamman: "Cascade and Hallertauer hops added to the mash of Alcoholic Haze allows the specially bred yeast strain to do something transformative. The fermentation unlocks explosive passionfruit flavor. Finishing with Mosaic and Galaxy in the dry hop rounds out the tropical hop character. Juicy and soft, this IPA will shortly have you lost in the haze."
This label called for some movie research and fun conversation with coworkers who knew the movie. The shaping of the letters in the smoke was challenging to get them to sit right but remain "hazy". As I always say anything is possible in the digital world! The swoops and wavy movement of this design help to transport you to a wavy land where you are set forever in an alcoholic haze. 

This was marketed on Badger Hill social sites as well as in the taproom, and in liquor stores, through email campaigns, and by word of mouth.  ​​​​​​​
Alcoholic Haze went a lot like my other works in that a creative brief was done, and initial sketches and research were done to get the brain flowing and in the best direction. Touch-point meetings were held so that I could work with Badger Hill as a team to create a design that they are fully happy with and that displays the message of the beer. Chose a design layout that fits the vision and is finalized with proofs in-between. Sent labels off to be proofed again and printed. Created a sales sheet with a mockup and printed it for the distribution team. Went through marketing campaigns for the limited-release beer and planned a plan of attack, as well as scheduling and updating the tangible content on Badger Hills Platforms, bars, liqour stores, and in-house.  Mockups are also part of the process for this and many projects. ​​​​​​​

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