Cranberry Beret
Product packaging and marketing
Cranberry Beret F5 Sour Beer. This sour beer was inspired by the one and only Prince. As mentioned in some of my other pieces co-owner of Badger Hill Brewing has a past with Prince as a ghostwriter and friend. This isn't the only beer dedicated to Prince at the Brewery and certainly not the only one on the market, but it's one of a few with real ties. Because of this steering the design in a direction that was rather suggestive of Prince's song Raspberry Beret was the clear move. Taking Inspiration from the suit worn in the music video for this iconic song a cloudy background seemed appropriate. The logo also needed a fix with a replacement of the star with a rather fun cranberry illustration. 

Notes from Badger Hill's Head brewer Chris Hamman: "A twist on a traditional Berliner Weisse, Cranberry Beret begins with a blend of two-row and wheat malts to create a light, drinkable base. Bright and clean acid notes complement the naturally sour cranberry flavor. A hint of sweet orange peel adds depth and complexity. Tart, fruity, and festive."
Research for Cranberry Beret was very musical and took me through the course of music videos, celebrity clothing, and trademarks to come up with a rather suggestive design for Cranberry Beret. Prince is a reoccurring theme in our taproom because of an owner who used to write some of his music. Talking to Michael koppelman throughout this process is always special and serves as a deep dive piece you don't always have the opportunity to take.

This was marketed on Badger Hill social sites as well as in the taproom, through email campaigns, and by word of mouth.  ​​​​​​​
Cranberry Beret went a lot like my other works in that a creative brief was done, and initial sketches and research were done to get the brain flowing and in the best direction. Touch-point meetings were held so that I could work with Badger Hill as a team to create a design that they are fully happy with and that displays the message of the beer. Selected key components that would be a part of the label and design throughout. Chose a design layout that fits the vision and is finalized with proofs in-between. Sent labels off to be proofed again and printed. Created and printed a sales sheet for the distribution team. Went through marketing campaigns for the limited-release beer and planned a plan of attack, as well as scheduling and updating the tangible content on Badger Hills Platforms and in the taproom.  Mockups are also part of the process for this and many projects. ​​​​​​​

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