Double Traitor Double IPA
Product packaging and marketing
Double Traitor is a different look at an existing design for a trademark iconic beer at Badger Hill Brewing; Traitor IPA. Double Traitor is just that...Double Traitor! With a heavy vision direction from Badger Hill, old-school analog 3D was thrown into the room of thought. Heavily inspired by a double vision kind of term the design was made to have both functional 3d pieces as well as a fun color split main graphic. Double Traitor was brewed by Badger Hill Brewing in Shakopee MN.

Notes from Badger Hill's Head brewer Chris Hamman: "An amped up version of classic Traitor, Double Traitor packs the punch of a double IPA and delivers the flavor of our flagship favorite.​​​​​​​"
Researching this project was informative and fun and super hard not to fall down rabbit holes, to say the least. It was fun to try analog 3D designs that are functional with traditional glasses. For the first 100 cases that we sold in that taproom, I placed some of those traditional glasses inside the case handle so that people could see the functionality of the label. This ended up doing really well and created an interactive piece with the bar's customers as well as boosting their appearance in the audience of the younger crowd. This beer also one 'Best of fest critics choice' at the Hops for hunger pouring annual event. 
This was marketed on Badger Hill social sites as well as in the taproom, through email campaigns, and by word of mouth.  ​​​​​​​
Double Traitor went a lot like my other works in that a creative brief was done, and initial sketches and research were done to get the brain flowing and in the best direction. Touch-point meetings were held so that I could work with Badger Hill as a team to create a design that they are fully happy with and that displays the message of the beer. Chose a design layout that fits the vision and is finalized with proofs in-between. Sent labels off to be proofed again and printed. Created and printed a sales sheet with a can mock-up attached for our distribution team. Went through marketing campaigns and planned a plan of attack, as well as scheduling and updating the tangible content on Badger Hills Platforms and in taprooms.  Mockups are also part of the process for this and many projects. ​​​​​​​

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