Madness is the Method
Product packaging and marketing
MITM is short for Madness is the method. MITM is another strong Belgian beer that Badger Hill wanted to look more daring.  Speaking to the high ABV % of the beer. This was one of my earlier designs for Badger and has continued to be a favorite. Inspired by the bitter biting cold and the wood of a barrel gone wild; an angry tree was born. MITM was brewed by Badger Hill Brewing in Shakopee MN.

Notes from Badger Hill's Head brewer Chris Hamman: "The "largest" of the traditional Belgian ales, this Quadrupel is a consummate winter beer. Flavors of plum and apricot blend merrily with a pleasant sweetness. A noticeable impression of strength warms the belly and the limbs against Winter's chill. As with most Belgian ales, a higher level of carbonation keeps this beer light-bodied and refreshing while maintaing a distinct dessert-like quality. Madness is the Method makes an excellent digestif after a big, rich meal."
Full creative reigns were given to me for the most part on this one. Within specs and some colors, they requested my creative spin on this one. Learning about print layers and how to print with foils, metallics, and mattes; was super fun and inspiring for some of my own personal prints. It was challenging to learn a new skill on the job with strict deadlines but making it happen has made me that much more confident and given me the ability to push myself to constantly learn more.

This project was marketed on Badger Hill social sites as well as in the taproom, through email campaigns, and by word of mouth.  ​​​​​​​
MITM went a lot like my other works in that a creative brief was done, and initial sketches and research were done to get the brain flowing and in the best direction. Touch-point meetings were held so that I could work with Badger Hill as a team to create a design that they are fully happy with and that displays the message of the beer. Chose a design layout that fits the vision and is finalized with proofs in-between. Set up print file layers to print metallic and matte overlays. Sent labels off to be proofed again and printed. We went through marketing small campaigns for the limited-release beer and planned a plan of attack, as well as scheduling and updating the tangible content on Badger Hills Platforms.  Mockups are also part of the process for this and many projects. ​​​​​​​

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