Animal Illustrations
Illustrations, Product Marketing
These Products are a bit unlike the others in that they are not all for work but some for pleasure. Although not all were created for professional purposes these have been hot news in the animal industry and I have an absolute blast creating them. Digital illustrations of dogs are what I have done most but to refer to other projects of mine I have done Badgers, Goats, pigs, and more!
Having worked on projects with the Raw food company that I personally buy my furry family member's food from; animal-based illustrations and designs have been a consistent piece of my experience. 
While The "red forman approved illustration was used for a campaign it was at no cost as a gift to a friend who is also in the marketing industry. Red was inspired by my very own dog, Red Forman. Yes, he is named after the father on that 70's show Red Forman. The brown dog was used as a marketing asset in the 2023 release of Newf Drool a brown ale brewed by Badger Hill Brewing. The Dog itself has changed a bit throughout the course of the year to update with the times but was originally created by me as well as currently updated.
I also used another version of the "Red Forman" approved for another recreational activity which happened to be my lovely pooch's 2nd birthday! Special shout to all the furry friends!

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