"I Love You" Cover Art
Cover artwork, vectors
Michael Koppelman, a man who has written songs for Prince, worked closely with him, practiced recognizable science experiments, and even owned a brewery. Michael is much more than just those things though; he is kind and charismatic and has a huge talent for singing and being in the spotlight. Though that is not where all his focus is currently Michael still is completing, writing, and putting out jams to this day.
I was lucky enough to be able to work with him on this project and design a piece for him that spoke to the fantasy world we as humans create because of love as well as the automatically correct version in that we need love and we need this to thrive. This generated a morph of the emoji heart and an anatomically correct version.
Requested in my drawing style, this piece was really fun to do and gave me some challenges to get things to morph without Photoshop, although I could have gone that route as well. It was fun to space out the elements and make them fit in a suggestive way that was set to help tell the story of this piece.  ​​​​​​​
This song is readily available along with many others on many streaming platforms but I will link the Spotify playlist here so you can go take a listen if you so desire. 

Here's to more projects to come with Michael and other talented musicians. 

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